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Bulk SMS Mumbai | Bulk SMS Re-seller Mumbai | Bulk SMS Mumbai | Bulk SMS Service Mumbai

Bulk SMS Mumbai

Bulk SMS Re-seller  Mumbai | Bulk SMS  Mumbai | Bulk SMS Service  Mumbai

Beyond Mobile is a leading and reliable bulk sms service provider in  Mumbai, India. We offer bulk sms in your Mumbai city as per your requirement in affordable prices. Beyond Mobile is a reliable bulk SMS provider in Mumbai. Beyond Mobile Bulk SMS is a simple easy and the fast way for your cloud application or marketing needs. Beyond Mobile Bulk SMS is designed as an Web-based user interfaces for reliable delivery of bulk SMS or single recipient transactional Bulk SMS with detailed delivery statistics. Do you have a SMS to spread? Use our Bulk SMS platform to communicate to your clients and Group Members. We are the top most leading end-to-end mobile data solutions provider that caters to corporate and individuals. We are offering Two Bulk sms Route’s for Bulk SMS in  Mumbai. Promotional Bulk SMS and Transactional Bulk SMS Route. We also offer HTTP API, XML API, SMPP connectivity for Developers. Bulk sms is a fastest and easy way to communicate about your Product to potential customers and send Informative SMS alerts to existing group of customers and much more. If you are looking for a reliable and robust Bulk sms system to send SMS Alerts in  Mumbai. We would like to help you in sending Bulk sms faster and in a personalized platform. We are a Bulk SMS provider in Mumbai with a special focus on Simplicity and Ease of Use of the system. Within simple 3 or 4 steps you will be able to sending Bulk SMS alerts to your customers or clients. With Beyond Mobile services Bulks sms Company send unlimited Bulk SMS alerts to your potential and new customers. Even, our unique and ultimate bulk sms software can send SMS directly from EXCEL plugin. Apart from Bulk SMS we also offer Voice SMS, Missed Call Solutions, Automatic Birthday SMS (Wishday), Email Marketing, short code 57766 solutions in  Mumbai.

Bulk SMS Gateway  Mumbai

Bulk SMS gateway is a way of sending a sms, text message with the help of API. Mostly Used by developers to integrate in different application to facilitate SMS sending process in proprietary softwares. We offer following SMS Gateways API’s:- XML API, SMPP connectivity, SOAP API and HTTP API. HTTP/S API is our most popular API and developers all over the India use it to quickly and easily integrate with their systems and applications. Reliable, scalable and customizable, the HTTP/S API allows developers to create applications that send SMS messages to Pan India Mobile numbers and operator’s, all using our reliable bulk SMS messaging gateway. HTTP API can send 600 to 1100 messages a time in real-time. It is supported by most languages and can be used together with all applications and software solutions. It is extremely reliable, quick, convenient and can be debugged easily. You can use the HTTP API to set up Delivery Acknowledgment, Sender ID and Message Delay. Developer’s just have to integrate one like HTTP code in their applications to make applications functional  .Beyond Mobile API is a bridge between your application and the Our Bulk SMS Gateway. It is probably the easiest way to integrate sending and receiving SMS messages into your business processes.

Bulk SMS features for Marketing : -

  • Bulk SMS Priority Route.
  • Bulk SMS API Integration.
  • Online DND Filter.
  • Bulk SMS Excel Plugin.
  • Bulk SMS Optin.
  • Unlimited Sender IDs
  • Unlimited Validity
  • SMS in English & 5 other Indian Languages
  • Send @ Speed of 10000 SMS per minute
  • Real time delivery reports.
  • Fastest Personalised SMS
  • Multiple Backup SMS Routes & Carrier Grade Infrastructure.
  • 9am to 9pm Telephone & Email TechSupport.

Bulk SMS Reseller Partner with us and grow

You may also start your own bulk sms reseller pannel with Beyond Mobile; we provide you full support for marketing, technical support for sending bulk sms. We also provides you a website which is fully branded according to your own company name (whatever you have).

The Three Types of Beyond Mobile Reseller Partnerships:  Referral Agent This type of partner refers business to a Beyond Mobile channel and has minimal involvement in the sales and closing process. They receive Beyond Mobile Channel marketing materials. They just provide our team with the qualified sales lead and then our team takes over the entire process.

Sales Agent – Reseller Partner These partners sell directly to the end-user and are completely involved in the sales and closing process. These partners have full access to the Beyond Mobile channel’s support and marketing resources. Our reseller system is a complete end-to-end hassle free solution for resellers with dedicated server and control panel to manage the users account.

Highlights of reseller system:

A secure connectivity to our SMSC infrastructure
A corporate website
Web Interface to SEND SMS
Desktop Application
Admin Interface to add/delete/modify users
OEM Channel Partner: These partners create their own branded Software & Website using the OEM Beyond Mobile Bulk SMS API / Gateway. They sell into an existing market and create their own marketing plan, web site, and level-1 support. OEM Partners can also be Software companies that use our mobility infrastructure for the purpose of message delivery for their standard products. Companies having products for ERP, CRM, Service and other industries can provide SMS module in their products.

Benefit-Sector from Bulk SMS

  • Bulk SMS Services for Colleges and Universities in Mumbai
  • Bulk SMS Services for Schools in Mumbai
  • Bulk SMS Services for Hospitals in Mumbai
  • Bulk SMS Services for Healthcare-industry in Mumbai
  • Bulk SMS Services for Cinema Industry in Mumbai
  • Bulk SMS Services for Pawn Brokers in Mumbai
  • Bulk SMS Services for Car Resellers in Mumbai
  • Bulk SMS Services for Tours Travels in Mumbai
  • Bulk SMS Services for Hotels in Mumbai
  • Bulk SMS Services for Realestate in Mumbai
  • Bulk SMS Services for Beauty Parlours in Mumbai
  • Bulk SMS Services for HR Consultants in Mumbai
  • Bulk SMS Services for Automobile Inudustry in Mumbai
  • Bulk SMS Services for Insurance Sector in Mumbai
  • Bulk SMS Services for Couriers in Mumbai
  • Bulk SMS Services for Astrologers in Mumbai
  • Bulk SMS Services for Blood Banks in Mumbai
  • Bulk SMS Services for Showrooms in Mumbai
  • Bulk SMS Services for Book Stores in Mumbai
  • Bulk SMS Services for Distributors in Mumbai
  • Bulk SMS Services for Marriage Bureau in Mumbai
  • Bulk SMS Services for MLM Companies in Mumbai
  • Bulk SMS Services for Clubs in Mumbai
  • Bulk SMS Services for Jewellery Shops in Mumbai
  • Bulk SMS Services for Banks in Mumbai
  • Bulk SMS Services for Stock Brokers in Mumbai
  • Bulk SMS Services for Airlines in Mumbai
  • Bulk SMS Services for Chit Funds in Mumbai
  • Bulk SMS Services for Mutual Fund Industries in Mumbai
  • Bulk SMS Services for Mobile Shops in Mumbai
  • Bulk SMS Services for Political Parties in Mumbai
  • Bulk SMS Services for Computer Dealers in Mumbai

If you are just looking for bulk sms services in  Mumbai, we can help you with best quality Bulk sms service. To learn more , get in touch with your Beyond Mobile account manager or contact us   or call us at 08890045686 or Email us at

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